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Over the last few months I have been asked a lot of questions such as how are your nails so long, are those your real nails (yes they are), how do you get the polish so neat. So I thought I would share with you a few of my personal tips and lessons learned.

If you have any tips of your own please add them to the comments below! I would love to hear from them.

Similar to my entry The Coffee Collection this will be a working blog. As I learn more I will continue to update the page.

I hope you find this post useful!

Q: How are your nails so long? Are those your real nails?

I get asked these two questions quite a lot. My very secret “secret” is that I use a nail hardener. I have also used a growth polish, although I tend to use the hardener more often. When I first started to grow out my nails I started with the Sally Hansen Hard as nails (image right) because my nails were quite brittle (I still use this). I then used the maximum growth to get the extra length quickly. The combination of both works great! I would recommend experimenting to see what works for you.

Currently I use the hardener almost every time I change my polish.

My second tip regarding nail strength and length is to not be afraid of cutting your nails. If your over time they will get stronger and thicker. Try not to be too disheartened if a nail breaks or starts to chip. Its better to cut it before it tears, which generally causes more damage.

Q: How do you get your polish so neat?

Honestly, I am incredibly messy with my polish especially when I am doing an Ombre or stamping.

The best tip I have learned is to use a liquid latex (yes this does sound weird). Essentially, paint the latex where ever you don’t want nail polish and when you have finished just peel off.


I have only tried one so far by the born pretty store. I am sure their a many out there just search for “Liquid Latex nail polish”.

Q: How do you maintain the mani for so long?

Top coat is your friend! The use of top coat can make all the difference between a mani lasting a few days or up to a few weeks (if your really careful).

Don’t skip the top coat.

If you are doing stamping ensure to wait a few hours before applying a top coat to avoid smudging.





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