Going Green…. Tea.

Delicious food!! Great post by Seb the Writer There is one great perk about the suburbs of Rhodes and West Ryde. What perk you ask? Isn’t it just another Sydney suburban area you’ve stumbled upon? No. No it is not. The greatest joy of exploring and traveling around the area is the café gems they [...]

A splash of purple

So before I finish my Mardi Gras nails I thought now would be a great time to stop and reflect on this awesome polish. Compared to the colour in the bottle I have found it to quite a bit darker then I thought it would be. I prefer the darker colour as if it remained [...]

hehe Nail Stamping Plate Review

When I first started nail stamping I only knew of Konad nails stamping products. However when a friend told me she had found Harry Potter plates, I had to try them. I chose 5 plates and began my love for hehe plates. I absolutely love that each plate arrived in a simple yet elegant brown [...]

New Nail Stickers! Mustaches and clover

Hi All I love the feeling of getting packages (who doesn't)! Today I received new nail stickers from Naughty Nails, with plenty of time to spare before St Patrick's day.  The excitement was further enhanced due to the gorgeous packaging it arrived in: I can't to use these 😀 However I will have to wait [...]

To Repair or not repair a manicure?

To answer this question, I have found each person has a different answer. For me, it really depends on a few things: How long ago did I do the Mani? How badly is the chipping? Is glitter polish involved? Do I have time to complete a new mani? If the mani was relatively simple I [...]

Pokemon Nails – My first attempt at free hand nail art

Hi All, its been a while since posting about my nail art! For more up to date pic's of my nails follow me on Instagram. Currently I am trying to learn free hand painting! This is my first attempt: Its quite messy and I was very disappointed with the result. However as they saying goes [...]

Stop and smell the roses

This morning I was so lucky to catch this beautiful sunrise!! The sad thing was, that despite having plenty of time to stop and take a look before the train arrived everyone just rushed past. This is just a reminder that even though I live in a fast paced city, I need to stop and [...]

Won’t someone think of the flowers (a valentines day satire)

As the sun rises, the flowers open awaiting the new day full of sunshine and hope. However today is valentines day. The flowers only hope is to be spared and enjoy one more day in the glorious sunshine. As day turns into night, a stampede of men run to the nearest florist. The flowers tremble [...]