To Repair or not repair a manicure?

To answer this question, I have found each person has a different answer. For me, it really depends on a few things:

  1. How long ago did I do the Mani?
  2. How badly is the chipping?
  3. Is glitter polish involved?
  4. Do I have time to complete a new mani?

If the mani was relatively simple I don’t mind re-doing it. However if its complex and hasn’t been on for very long I would rather repair.

This week my blue ombre glitter mani was damaged after only a few days of applying it. Due their being so much glitter I have decided to repair it, so that I can get at least two weeks from this design.

Tips for repair:

  1. Use the exact same polish.
  2. Don’t freak out when the polish looks different as you apply it. The colour will change as it dries
  3. Try to have the bear minimum on the brush to avoid getting polish on the per-existing nail polish
  4. Apply a coat or two of clear top coat. This will not only protect the repair but also hide any lines or minor differences.

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