hehe Nail Stamping Plate Review

When I first started nail stamping I only knew of Konad nails stamping products. However when a friend told me she had found Harry Potter plates, I had to try them.

I chose 5 plates and began my love for hehe plates.

I absolutely love that each plate arrived in a simple yet elegant brown box which I have kept to store the plates. It makes it really easy to tell apart each plate.


I ended purchasing 2 Harry Potter plates (plate 25 and 26), 2 Sailor Moon plates (plate 13 and 14) and a weather plate (plate 93). The weather plate came from the science collection.

hehe plate 13 – Sailor Moon
hehe plate 13 – Sailor Moon



hehe plate 25 – Harry Potter
hehe plate 26 – Harry Potter
hehe plate 93 – Weather

The plates are of really good quality and felt very strong when taking them out of the box. When using them I find I can get really good coverage and rarely have issues trying to get the pattern on my stamper. Personally I think the hehe plates would make a better starting plate then Konad plates as they are much easier to use and I found when I was still learning nail stamping I was able to produce a better result.


I really recommend trying out a few of their plates!

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