Winter is coming! Game of Thones nail art

So with the craziness of moving house this design was delayed by a week! I have to say that I was quite lucky with this moving that I didn’t break any nails 😀
Although I did chip a few which was to be expected.

So back to this week’s design….

For the base coat this week I used OPI – Natural base. It has been a while since I have used this base coat. I love that it dries quickly with a smooth finish. It really sets up my nails for a successful application of the design.


I used a grey background to symbolise ‘the wall’. I have to credit this idea to one of work colleagues who gave me the suggestion! If I was to do this again, I would try to lighten the grey as it washes out some of the design. However it still turned out fairly well.


I used bundle monster plate BM-706 from their 25pc Buffet Style Nail Art Stamping Plates – Secret Garden Collection collection for the stamping to give the design a bit more depth and character, which definitely worked out well. I was a little worried when I first applied the stamp as I chose to not cover the entire nail. Looking at the final result, I think it was a good move.


Finally I applied the water decals which as always were really easy to put on! Although I tried to separate one of the decals too early and damaged it slightly (read my tips for using water decals here). I ended up having to put it on backwards. Luckily its barely noticeable.

For the top coat I used Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine. I gennerally wouldn’t use this top coat if I my entire nail had stamping on it as it has a tendancy to smudge the design. But I got away with it due the small amount of stamping.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the result. Keep an eye out for my next game of thones design next season!