Product Review Guideline

Now that my nail collection is really starting to grow I feel that I should set some guidelines for any future reviews that I do.

The guidelines below will be used across all products. I have created two categories Nail Polish and Nail Art Tools. Nail art tools may include remover, water decals, brushes etc.

All scores are out of 5 polish bottles.

The scores for each criteria will be totalled and averaged to give the final score!

Category 1 Criteria – Nail Polish

  1. Bottle Design
  2. Colour – How opaque the polish is
  3. The drying time
  4. Chip resistance
  5. Value for money

Category 2 Criteria РTools

  1. Design
  2. Quality – does it feel like it will break quickly/how well does it work
  3. Ease of use
  4. Value for money


My first review using the new system will be up soon!

Let me know if I have missed any criteria in the comments below.


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