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Personally, this is an incredibly exciting review. As it’s the first time I have been sent a product to try out!!

Chill Zone contacted me via Instagram a few months and asked if I wanted to try out some of their products. Of course, I said yes! How could I refuse? It was a challenge to get the package delivered because of the hurricanes close by to the Chill Zone headquarters in the US. Luckily Chill Zone Nails weren’t directly impacted by the hurricane but it did affect mail. Chill Zone was great at keeping me in the loop and I was glad to know that they were ok.

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And now for the Review

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The packaging the polishes arrive in was fantastic! They were wrapped beautifully and included a personalised letter and guide to using the polishes. The guide was very helpful with using the Chill Zone system.

The pack I received included four colours, the nail dehydrator, a base and top coat and nail tipper. The colours included Sleek Ivory Gown (x2); From a Nebula Afar; Sea Goddess Within and What My Eyes Can Say.

Chill Zone Nails

When testing the polishes out I choose to skip the nail dehydrator as I had just removed my polish and didn’t want to dry out my nails any further. I was glad to see the instructions the use of the nail dehydrator was optional.

I love the bottles. Whilst they look like a standard nail polish bottle the handle is quite long which is great for painting. All of the colours are very opaque and I could have gotten away with just a single coat. The only issue is that the colour ‘What My Can Say’ seems to easily separate however a quick shake resoled the issue. The drying time is fantastic and the polishes truly live up to the promise of drying quickly.

In terms of chip resistance, this polish stands up to some serious challenges. My second design that I did for Melbourne Cup help up to a trip to Costco (where I always break my nails), a  Bunnings hardware trip and all of the prep for the day itself. The first design survived taking apart a second-hand bbq so that it would fit in my car. Both designs were chip free. This really highlights the impact of the nail tipper and quality of the polish.

Overall I love the polishes and will be definitely be purchasing more colours in the near future.

  1. Bottle Design
  2. Colour –
  3. The drying time  
  4. Chip resistance 
  5. Value for money – n/a gifted

Total rating: (4.5)

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