OPI Review – Part 1

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by, with Christmas just a week away! Whilst I have a post in the works for my Christmas design in the works I thought I would change things up a little with an OPI review.

I have been meaning to write an OPI review for a while and so I’m glad to finally get around to it. Overall I generally find OPI’s polishes to be of high quality however there has been one colour that really disappointed me (keep reading to find out which).

Read the Product Review Guideline for all the details of how I rate each product.

OPI History

To begin this review, I thought it might be interesting to take a look a how OPI became who they are today. Looking around on the OPI site, I was surprised that they didn’t have an about us section!! So off to the land of Google. I’ve popped some links at the bottom of this post if you feel like reading more.

If you know an interesting OPI fact that I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment below or on youtube.


OPI Bottle Design – SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent

I love that the OPI bottles are so unique and easy to identify.  The sleek design gives a sense of luxury. The handle makes painting really easy and the wide brush means I can apply a splash of colour in one or two strokes. However, I won’t be giving the bottle a full 5 as occasionally the brush has detached from the handle on a few of my polishes.

Because each bottle design is the same I will use the same rating for each colour.

The ‘IT’ Colour  – SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent

I wasn’t sure about this colour at first particularly as some shades of orange can clash a little with my skin tone. I bought this quite cheaply from Priceline’s yearly cosmetics sale, so I was willing to give the colour a go, given it’s not a shade I would typically buy.

The name truly suits the colour which is a gorgeous bright vibrant orange. This colour was incredibly chip resistant giving me two weeks of wear. I think that  I could have pushed it out to three. In terms of the drying time, it was ok but I would have preferred it to dry slightly faster.

Cute bumble bee nails

Cute Bumble bee nails






Check out my cute bumble bee nails: http://thenailchronicle.com/2017/09/30/how-to-cute-bumble-bee-nails/

  1. Bottle Design SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent
  2. Colour/Opaque SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid
  3. The drying time SolidSolidSolidTransparentTransparent
  4. Chip resistance SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid
  5. Value for money SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid

Rich Girls & Po-Boys SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent

I have a bit of a soft spot for blue and this shade is no exception! The gorgeous summer vibes can brighten up the day. The colour is very Opaque and goes on effortlessly. The drying time is similar to other OPI polishes and it’s quite chip resistant. This colour has now become one of my go-to blues!

Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails




Want to know how to use water details? Read here: http://thenailchronicle.com/2017/08/19/how-to-use-water-nail-decals/.

  • Bottle Design SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent
  • Colour/Opaque SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid
  • The drying timeSolidSolidSolidTransparentTransparent
  • Chip resistance SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid
  • Value for money SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid

Lady in Black SolidSolidSolidTransparentTransparent

Every polish collection should have at least one decent black. Having just finished my Rimmel black polish, I thought I would give the OPI one a go. Sadly this black is incredibly opaque and takes three coats to apply. While it lasts for quite a while the opaqueness of this polish really lets it down.

OPI Lady in Black

  • Bottle Design SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent
  • Colour/Opaque SolidSolidTransparentTransparentTransparent
  • The drying timeSolidSolidSolidTransparent
  • Chip resistance SolidSolidSolidSolidSolid
  • Value for money SolidSolidSolidSolidTransparent

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of the OPI review.



Interesting Links

For more OPI facts take a look at the links below:

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