How to get ready for NYE – New Year’s Eve Nail Art

New Year’s Eve Nail Art

Happy New Year’s Eve!!
Its that time of year for New Year’s Eve Nail art! But before I get into that I feel I should do a little bit of reflecting. After all getting ready for New Year’s Eve doesn’t just have to be about the outside, inside reflection is also important. Personally, I think that this is the best time of the year to reflect as you are entering a new year and hopefully are feeling a little refreshed. If not take some time even just 10miutes to relax.

2017 in review

I really can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by! Looking back I have managed to reach some major goals and am very happy to enter the new year with 1100 Instagram followers! Thank you to everyone that has followed me!! I would love if you could follow me I’m happy to follow back just send me a DM.

I also moved my blog to be self-hosted.  While it was a lot of work in the beginning, it was very rewarding as I have a lot more control over my blog and can perform more advanced SEO.  Also if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog pop your email in the box on the right!

Overall it’s been a pretty great year! I’m keen to see what 2018 holds and bring in the new year!

So… onto the New Year’s Eve nail art!

For me, the biggest part of any outfit is my nails! This year I received three beautiful nail art kits from a friend at Xmas! When I saw the sequins I immediately knew I had to use them for New Years. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you  will find the video tutorial for this design.

New Year's Eve Nail Art

You will need:

  • A base colour
  • Base and top coat
  • Sequins
  • Nail stamping plate, stamper and scraper
  • Stamping polish
  • Nail polish remover – for clean up

The base colour I used was navy blue that was came with the nail art kit. I then applied a few stamped designs. If you are new to stamping check out this page for some tips:

After waiting for the stamp design to dry I applied another top coat, allowing it to dry fully. Now for the fun part of attaching the sequins!

I didn’t use glue, rather I used top coat polish. I started by applying a top coat to a few nails. While the top coat was still wet I placed the sequins in their desired location. This can get a little tricky so take your time. Once placed allow to dry and continue with the other nails. When fully dry add another top coat. Add as many top coats as you feel is required. I must be up to at least 6 coats on my index finger, I’m not quite sure as I stopped keeping count. The reason I did this was to make sure that the surface is a smooth as possible. Otherwise my hair has a tendanty to get caught under the sequin ripping both my hair and the sequin.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial video below.


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