ILNP – 2017 Winter Swatch

ILNP Swatch

ILNP Swatch – Winter 2018

Have I ever told how much I love ILNP? Its one of my favourite brands of polish! The polish is of such high quality and looks amazing! I can never resist doing an ILNP swatch. This season I picked up four new colours:

  • Renegade,
  • Tilted,
  • Salem and
  • Fired Up.

I was dying to try out all of these colours as soon as I could, so I’ve done a quick swatch of ILNP’s winter 2017 collection. See each section for a description of the polishes and scroll down to the bottom of this post for the images.

ILNP – Renegade

Renegade is a gorgeous green shifting top coat. It applies effortlessly and shimmers so beautifully in the light. Because of the green shift, I think it would suit going on top of dark colours particularly black.

ILNP – Fired Up

Fired Up is the second top coat I purchase. Although if enough coats are applied it could be used as a base colour as well. When I first pulled this out of the box I saw the most amazing rainbow shift over the silver. The combination is magical. As soon as I saw it I began to plan my first designs with this amazing polish!

ILNP – Tilted

After completing this swatch I fell in love, so much that I made this to be my first colour to wear. The dark purple shifts seamlessly to a  deep green, surprising many of colleagues when my nails changed colour. The best surprise was that my workmate had turned up with a similar colour Ava, also by ILNP, with no planning what so ever. I love that I can use this to create seemingly difficult designs with just the stroke of my brush! This is one colour I highly recommend having in your collection.

ILNP – Salem

Upon my first coat of this polish, I began to wonder if I had made a mistake in my purchase as it appeared as a dirty green rather than the Christmas tinsel green as it appears in the bottle. I persevered and applied a second coat. I’m so glad I did! The green showed up just as I imagined. It’s so beautiful, however, to get the most out of the polish I feel that it will need three coats!

ILNP Swatch Images

From left to right of the first image: Tilted; Fired Up; Renegade; Salem

ILNP SwatchILNP SwatchILNP Swatch



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