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 Cafe Tree House

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This is my second visit to cafe tree house. I initially tried out their coffee a few weeks ago which was ok, not amazing but not horrible, just below average. After seeing a pretty good deal for a bacon and egg roll with a small coffee I thought I would give this a go. I was also a little curious to see if their coffee had improved.


Coffee at cafe treehouse

The coffee arrived pretty quickly and the server was quite friendly! And that’s where the excitement ends. The coffee was pretty average. If you are going to have a coffee here I would stick to small sizes because even the small was over extracted.


Bacon and Egg Roll at Cafe Tree House

Shortly after receiving our coffee, the bacon and egg roll arrived. Despite my partner and I requested to dine in, our food was served in a takeaway box. I’m completely confused why the roll was served in this way, as was harder to eat. Honestly, as a diner it made me feel as if we weren’t welcome and I have to wonder if this was because we had chosen to order the special deal. I also felt using a takeaway box was quite wasteful when a plate could have been used. Hopefully, the box ended up in the recycling bin. The bread itself was lovely and fresh. The egg was cooked perfectly. However, the bacon was below average. It was slightly burned. Not enough that I would bother sending it back, but enough so that I was left with a burnt aftertaste in my mouth.

Final thoughts

Cafe Tree House is a really nice venue with great service. Sadly this is as good as it gets. The coffee and food are below average for what you pay for and there are many other cafes around that I would rather visit. I won’t be heading back in a hurry for whats on offer for the pricing.

Overall my rating is 2/5


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