Why I Blog

Looking back at my very first blog post, wonder what I was thinking. The post was so bad I have decided to delete it. So instead of redoing a 'welcome to my blog' post, I thought I would give you a little intro as to what my blog is about. Originally when I started this [...]

Newington Park – Sydney

A few weeks back I decided to check out Newington Park after a recommendation from a friend. This fantastic park is surprisingly located behind a high security women's prison but don't let that put you off visiting. Sadly I didn't get to spend too long there as it was a 40 degree day and by [...]

Stop and smell the roses

This morning I was so lucky to catch this beautiful sunrise!! The sad thing was, that despite having plenty of time to stop and take a look before the train arrived everyone just rushed past. This is just a reminder that even though I live in a fast paced city, I need to stop and [...]

Chinese New Year 2017 – Sydney

Chinese New Year always interests me greatly. I love learning about the traditions. We decided to trek to China Town, located in Haymarket Sydney. The area had such an exciting, happy energy. We couldn't wait to see what was on offer. Lion Dance Starting in the heart of China Town we headed to Dixon St, [...]

Australia Day in Sydney

Happy Australia Day  Australia Day has always included a few key traditions. Bacon and Eggs in the morning, fireworks and as I got older a few drinks were thrown into the mix. What are your Australia Day Traditions? Let me know in the comments below. Morning Eggs Our day started with a glorious breakfast of [...]

Sydney Fish Market

So I have been in Sydney for about four years and STILL haven't been to the fish market!! My friend suggested we check it out! From Central  Station we caught the light rail directly to the fish market with a small detour due to the works currently taking place on the light rail. The detour, [...]