All of the whites

Ok…so not all of the whites :p

But I thought I would do a review for you because when  I first wanted to purchase a white polish I really struggled to find one that wouldn’t take 4 or 5 coats to put on without being transparent.

I really love the white polish is quite versatile and can be used in so many designs including ombre and pokeballs.

The first white I purchased was a Maybelline color show. Sadly this white took four coats and was quite frustrating to use. It also meant that I used it up quite quickly. I was expecting it to be a lot better after using their black and purple.

Then for Christmas I was very spoilt! My partner got me two fantastic OPI whites! Just recently I also got my hands on an addition OPI white and a unknown brand.

They all produce a excellent result. I’m especially impressed that it takes on two coats to apply.

If you are looking for a white polish to buy I really recommend spending a bit extra to get OPI.

From left to right: OPI Chiffon My Mind; OPI Pearl of Wisdom; OPI Alpine Snow; OPI; Unknown


If you have a favorite white polish, post it in the comments below.



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