20 Questions & Answers about The Nail Chronicle

20 Questions & Answers about The Nail Chronicle

So a few days back threeSixtyNails contacted me and asked me to complete the following 20 questions. I hope this gives you a bit of insight into my preferences regarding nail art and maybe a bit of insight into myself. This post includes both my YouTube video and my written response in the post below.

I had a lot of fun answering these questions and you enjoy reading/listening to the answers!

You should check out ThreeSixtyNails’s responses here: http://threesixtynails.com/2017/12/14/new-threesixtynails-all-things-nails-tag/

20 Questions & Answers about The Nail Chronicle – YouTube Video

20 Questions & Answers about The Nail Chronicle – My Written answers

1 – Favourite base coat you’ve ever tried?

This is a hard one to answer. I don’t really have a favourite but I’m currently swapping between Chill Zone and OPI base coats.

2 – Favourite cuticle/hand cream?

My favourite is definitely anything from RandM Nails. Their balms and oils smell amazing!!
Check out their Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/randmnails/

3 – Favorite mainstream brand?

OPI. Their polishes are generally great and long wearing. Take a look at my OPI review.

4 – Favourite polish from that brand?

Definitely the IT colour. Mainly because it was a colour that really surprised me. I bought it on special and thought it would be used as part of nail art but I never imagined it would turn out a pretty as it did.

5 – Favourite indie brand?

ILNP – They have amazing colours. It’s incredibly hard to be restrained when I’m on their site.

6 – Favourite polish from that brand?

Kings and Queens as its such a beautiful purple!

7 – Glossy or matte?

Normally I use a glossy finish but occasionally will use matte. Unfortunately, I find matte tends to crack after a few days therefore I have to redo the design.

8 – Long or short nails?

Long – Although I am a little restricted in length when volleyball season is on.

9 – Dark polish or bright polish?

Dark polish in particular I love blues, reds and black polish. However, I do like to mix it up a bit.

10 – Thick polish formula or thin polish formula?

Thin, but not too thin. I live in a humid, hot place and thick polish tends to have trouble drying. However too thin also really annoys me due to needing to apply extra coats.

11 – Nail art or solid colour?

Nail Art!! I love to show my designs and its a chance for me to be creative

12 – 3D nail art?

I rarely do 3D nail art. I’m ok with sequins but I find rhinestones to be too heavy and I want to remove them as soon as I can.

13 – Favourite top coat you’ve ever tried?

Oh, easy! This would have to be Chill Zone nails because dried quickly and is long lasting.

14 – Least favourite polish of all time

OPI Black due to it being very watery and such a disappointment. Despite the poor performance of OPI’s black overall I still like OPI polishes

15 – Top favourite polish of all time

Anything by ILNP

16 – Favourite polishes for spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

Spring – Greens
Summer – light blue’s
Autumn – Purple, reds
Winter – Dark blues, black, red, silver

17 – Natural nails or fake?

Natural nails because similar to the issue I have with rhinestones I hate the feeling of extra objects on my nails, so I definitely prefer natural nails.

18 – Nail salon or no nail salon?

I can’t really say as I have I never visited a salon. Personally I be unlikely to visit a salon as I enjoy designing my own nails too much!

19 – What’s the most expensive Polish you’ve ever purchased?

OPI – XxxxXXXXXX for about $20AUD – normally I wouldn’t pay full price but it was the only brand that I could get the colour in and I needed it for a Harry Potter design.

20 – What’s the least expensive polish you’ve ever purchased?

I  can’t remember the lowest price exactly but likely it’s $2AUD. I love picking up cheap polish to play with because if the design doesn’t work I’m not too bothered the nail polish going to waste.


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