Paperboy Cafe

Paperboy Lamington Waffle

Paperboy Cafe

Hidden away in a quiet neighbourhood is Paperboy Cafe, the sister cafe of the better known Left of Field. Initially, I was reluctant to visit Paperboy as I’m not a fan of Left of Field particularly as their coffee tastes very weak. However, I gave it a go anyway and I’m glad I did.

The Coffee

The coffee is fantastic! It’s full of flavour and full-bodied. In addition, I haven’t had a cup from Paperboy that was over extracted or burnt. Even when coffee is ordered as a takeaway the quality is maintained.

Payboy Coffee



The food

The food is amazing. Upon my first visit, I tried the Bacon and Egg roll. This was perfect! The bacon was crisp and egg just that little bit runny! On my second visit, I tried the lamington waffle. This fantastic dish consisted of two waffles covered in coconut parfait and served with fruit. Although I would recommend sharing this dish as its very sweet.

Paperboy Lamington WafflePaperboy Lamington WafflePaperboy Lamington Waffle

The Service

The staff are incredibly friendly! When entering Paperboy cafe customers acknowledged and made to feel welcome. After being seated staff offer customers the ability to order drinks straight away or alternatively customers may examine the menu before deciding on a beverage. I love that the staff don’t disappear straight after being seated. During your meal staff check in to make sure your meal is ok whilst not being too intrusive.

Final View

I will be making Paperboy one of my regular weekend spots! The combination of amazing coffee, delicious food and friendly service is just too good to pass up.

Score 4.5/5

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