Sydney Fish Market

So I have been in Sydney for about four years and STILL haven’t been to the fish market!!

My friend suggested we check it out! From Central  Station we caught the light rail directly to the fish market with a small detour due to the works currently taking place on the light rail.

The detour, resulted in a small walk though the Star in which we stumbled up this gorgeous Chinese New Year display!


Arriving at the market, it was quite unreal to see so much fresh seafood in one area!! Although it was not quite what we expected. My friend and I were expecting a crazy environment with people shouting out their orders in every direction. However it was quite different. Whilst there were still people everywhere, it wasn’t crazy.

After walking around the markets for a while, we chose a place for lunch. It was so hard to choose from (if your not big on seafood checkout Vic’s meat market).

So if your like me and still haven’t made the trip to the Sydney Seafood market, I definitely  recommend checking it out!!



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