Australia Day in Sydney

Happy Australia Day 

Australia Day has always included a few key traditions. Bacon and Eggs in the morning, fireworks and as I got older a few drinks were thrown into the mix.

What are your Australia Day Traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

Morning Eggs

Our day started with a glorious breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and hash browns.

Yum!! Scrambled Eggs

Oh and of course coffee!!


Itssss chill out and nail art time

As it approached 12pm, we turned on the radio to TripleJ’s top 100. If you have never listened to this its worth while checking out!! Here is this years play list:

This provided the perfect backdrop while creating my Aussie Nail Design:

For steps for this design follow my Raining Purple instructions!

Lunch (well it was kinda of dinner)

For lunch/dinner we decided to use the public barbecues that my partner discovered a few weeks back. We were quite surprised to see the area so empty!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to my awesome partner for these great photos: SebTheWritter

So after about an hour the meat was finally ready (ok, I will admit public bbq’s kinda suck). Lucky my friend suggested bringing a pack of cards, so the three of us tested our snap, go fish, 21 and cheat skills (these were the only games that we could remember to play :p ).

Interlude (aka Monopoly)

So after a large lunch/diner we decided to continue the games with the West Australian edition of Monopoly.

Thanks to SebtheWritter for this awesome photo.


Rather then traveling into the city for fireworks we decided to check out the local councils free concert. The fireworks display was amazing!! Sadly we didn’t get any video of the end of the show which was awesome!!

Check out my Instagram for the video!


Until next time

I hope you all had a wonderful Australia day. Keep an eye out for my upcoming post about Chinese New Year Celebrations in Sydney.

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