Chinese New Year 2017 – Sydney

Chinese New Year always interests me greatly. I love learning about the traditions.

We decided to trek to China Town, located in Haymarket Sydney. The area had such an exciting, happy energy. We couldn’t wait to see what was on offer.

Lion Dance

Starting in the heart of China Town we headed to Dixon St, to view the Lion Dance. It was a struggle to get into the area itself. Eventually we made it through. Their were a number of food and market stalls scattered down the street.Nearing the start of the Lion Dance we found a small area out of the way. This was a relief to not have to fight the crowd anymore.

BANG! The dance started. Followed by fire crackers at about the same time. Sadly this part of the night was quite disappointing. We did not get to see any of the lion dance because the area where the dance was held was so tightly packed that only those very close to the Lion would have any chance to see the performance. In addition the timing of the fire crackers was quite strange, leaving people unsure of what event they wished to view. It would have made more sense for the fire crackers to be set off before the Lion Dance to give people a chance to view both. Eventually the Lion made its was down the street through the crowd. For next year I will try to pick a different location, hopefully it won’t be so crowded.

Following the Lion dance we moved onto dinner and bubble tea!

Art Displays, Red Buildings and Fireworks

A short train trip from Central to Circular Quay lead us to the rocks area. The 12 Zodiac had been beautifully displayed around the area.  The art displays reminded me slightly of Vivid, held in May each year. The stories of each artist was fascinating and it taught me quite a bit about each Zodiac Animal. Half way through view the animals we stopped to view the fireworks display.

The fireworks were excellent. Behind the gorgeous background of the Red Opera House, splashes of colour filled the night sky. I was surprised to see that not many people were there to watch them. This aspect of the night definitely needs to be advertised a lot more as it was hard to find the details.

Overall the night was fantastic. I highly recommend checking out the art displays and the other events over the 13 days!

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