Four Days in Melbourne

Back in November, I decided to surprise my partner with a weekend to Melbourne. Unfortunately, I accidentally spoiled the surprise. At least the dinner remained a surprise. So here is my four days in Melbourne. I hope this gives you some ideas for your visit!!

I decided to fly over on Thursday night to maximise my time in Melbourne. The trip from Sydney was fairly quick. When we arrived, we decided to take taxi into the city. In hindsight it would have been better to take the shuttle bus into the city. The hotel was easy to find. It wasn’t the most amazing place, but least it was right in the heart of Melbourne.

Day 1 – Exploring around the city and Dinner by Heston

We started the day with an awesome breakfast (sadly I can’t remember which cafe it was). Melbourne is full of great places to eat. I love that there are so many hidden alleyways containing a wide range of great food.

Following breakfast we decided to walk around the city. There was so much to see in the city. We were also lucky enough to catch the Myer Christmas window!! In keeping with our tradition my partner and I had walked an incredible distance from the hotel, opps 😛

We ended up catching the tram back to the hotel. I love that Melbourne has the free tram zone in the CBD. In general Melbourne is really easy to get around.

As the evening approached, we headed to Dinner by Heston. (Note: this needs booked a few weeks in advance). Check out Dinner by Heston for full details!

Meat Fruit

Day 2 – Wine Tour

Once my partner found out that we were going to Melbourne, he booked a wine tour to add to the trip!!

The tour included four wineries and lunch in the gorgeous Yarra Valley.

The final stop was at the beautiful site of Chandon.

After being dropped back in the city, we caught up with a close friend of mine for dinner and drinks!!

Day 3 – More Exploring

Day 2 was pretty full on so we decided to take a slower pace, exploring other areas of Melbourne including sneaking in a little shopping.

Secret bathroom
Need the bathroom, head into the Sofitel bathroom, located on level 35 for some fantastic views!

St Kilda

In the afternoon we headed to St Kilda. St Kilda has an amazing cake/cafe street and a fantastic pier. If you look carefully among the pier you might be able to see penguins!!

Day 4 – Melbourne Museum 

Day 4, our last day in this wonderful city. We checked out of the hotel and headed to a local chocolate cafe to catch up with a friend! The iced-mocha was delicious and perfect for the hot day!


We caught a tram to the Melbourne Museum. This definitely should be on your list to visit. The dinosaurs were fantastic!

Day 4 – Trip home

This time we decided to use the shuttle bus to get to the airport. Its just as easy as catching the taxi, but a lot cheaper.

I hope you enjoy your trip in Melbourne!! Do you have any other tips? Add them into the comments below 😀

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