A beginners guide to Nail Stamping

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About a year ago I was introduced to Nail Stamping, which was quite exciting until I tried and failed. I have to admit I was very dishearten and nearly gave up. However after seeing the beautiful designs on Instagram I was determined to keep trying.

So I have decided to create this guide with everything I have learned about stamping over the last year!


The right tools can make any job easy!!

This also applies to Nail Stamping. When I started out, I began with Konad plates, stampers and scrapers. The plate and stamper are excellent. However the metal scraper is terrible. It scratched my plates quite badly and  took too much of the polish off. As an alternative plastic cards or strong business cards work great!


Over time I have also purchased hehe plates! I love these designs especially Harry Potter and Sailor Moon.


In terms of polish, it is worthwhile investing in a special stamping polish. These are designed to be a little thick and produce the best result.

Time to Stamp!

If you have never stamped before I really recommend watching a few youTube videos. When I first started I found the angle of the scraper made a huge difference. Practicing on paper is a great way to start. Try playing with a few different methods to see what works for you.

Clean up

To make clean up easy, clean as you go. Have a few make up pads soaked in nail polish remover on hand can make cleaning as you go.

Top Coat

To protect you designs, apply a top coat. BUT WAIT for a few hours to avoid smudging. When applying the first top coat try to not stroke the brush too much. Apply a dollop and apply one gentle stroke with out pressing down on the nail too much. This sounds weird but it will help to prevent smudging.


Good luck and keep practicing!

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