Things to do when its really hot

Hi All

So given that’s its going to be 43 degrees (109 Fahrenheit) today for the second day in a row, I though I would give you some ideas of what to do when its extremely hot (or cold).

1. Paint your Nails

2. Write a blog post

3. Read a book you have always wanted to read

4. Catch up on some gaming (I personally love PS4 and PC games)

5. Invite some friends over for the day, hold a massive game board session.

6. Go to the local pool

7. Eat ice-cream – when its 43 degrees there is no excuse to not eat ice-cream 😉

8. Don’t go outside

9. Go for a walk at night time

10. Yoga in the air-conditioning

If you have any other ideas pop them in the comments below.

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