Pokemon Nails – My first attempt at free hand nail art

Hi All, its been a while since posting about my nail art! For more up to date pic’s of my nails follow me on Instagram. Currently I am trying to learn free hand painting!

This is my first attempt:

First attempt free hand Pokemon nail art

Its quite messy and I was very disappointed with the result.

However as they saying goes practice makes perfect!

Second attempt:

Number 3 and 4 in the image below were from my first attempt.

20170218_200115 (2)_LI.jpg
Second attempt for free hand pokemon nail art

Out of 1 and 2, number 2 is my favorite. Its not perfect by any stretch but its the neatest of all four.

20170218_200211 (2).jpg
Tools that I used in the free hand nail art

I can’t wait to keep practicing and eventually put this onto my real nails!


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