Mardi Gras Nail Art

With Mardi Gras happening in so many places around the world I couldn’t resist doing a Mardi Gras nail design. 

Personally I hope to make it to the parade in Sydney. I had a fantastic time when I went last time! Fingers crossed it does rain too much!

I decided to keep this design fairly simple as this would be the first time doing free hand on my actual nails. 

I choose a fantastic bright purple for my remaining nails. 

For the rainbow pattern, the first four stripes were created using French Manicure guideline stickers. I freehanded the in-between colours. I had to completely redo one of the nails after making a complete mess of it.  

Overall for my first freehand on my actual hand I’m fairly happy with the results.

Have you done a Mardi Gras design? Pop the link below I would love to see it.

The Nail Chronicle 

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    I never did a Mardi Gras design. I don’t have enough patience to do it and I miss the orange and yellow nail polish. But I have to admit this design is well done 🙂

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