Clear Polish – Which one??

When I first started theNailChronicle on Instagram I really only used two types of clear, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and the cheapest clear that I could get my hands on. Since then, a few things have changed.


I still use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as both a base coat and nail strengthen. Unfortunately without the nail strengthener my nails just break (see here for more info). I have also been using the OPI variant as well. Both are fairly similar.


However I have definitely changed my attitude to top coats, especially when I started Nail Stamping. I learned the hard way that the wrong top coat can smudge the stamped pattern and effectively ruin the design. So I have a few go to top coats that I use. I’ve been using OPI 3 in 1 for the first top coat for any nail stamping that I do. I find that it doesn’t streak the stamp and I am able to complete the coat in one brush stroke. However after that I will use pretty much anything that is quick drying. Currently I am using Rimmel 60 Seconds Super shine as a general top coat.

For something different Matte top coats can really make your design stand out. So far I have only used the OPI Matte top coat. But I’m sure there are heaps of good brands out there.

These are just the products that I have used. If you have a favorite clear polish I would love to hear about it (I’ve almost run out of mine 😛 )



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  1. I use Sinful Colors, first in line base coat and the quick dry top coat. Occasionally, I also use the top shine top from the same brand. I own a ton of different clears though. As for matte top coats, so far my favorite is Revlon’s but that’s the only one I’ve tried besides Wet n Wild’s which isn’t great.

    1. Ooo thanks!! i’ll have to try out Sinful Colours, especially that there now becoming easier to get in Australia. I didn’t realise Revlon also had a matte.

      Thanks so much for the tip!

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