Pineapple goes on Pizza!

I love pineapple! Whether its on pizza, burgers or ham steaks. Pretty much just about anything!

Its partly the reason why ive been wanting to create pineapple nails for quite a while. Also given that its winter here, a summer design is very much needed. Prevously I have attempted to create this free hand but I still need a lot more  practice! So I used stamping plates to create this awesome design.

The OPI green “My dogsled is a hybrid” (I love the name of this polish), is the perfect base colour. The colour lasts quite a while and hardly chips. I had this on whilst cleaning and didn’t chip it at all!

I used Bundle Monster’s plate #BM-713 plate for the pineapples. You will be seeing alot more Bundle Monster plates as I’ve recently purchased a huge plate pack!

Here is the result:



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