Why I won’t be purchasing from Born Pretty again

I’m sad to say this isn’t a happy post.

Normally I wouldn’t post poor reviews as its possible I’ve just had a bad experiance. However after being severely let down twice I feel that I should share my experiences. Particularly, as it seems that a number of bloggers rave about born pretty and I suspect that is because of the benefits available.

I initially purchased from Born Pretty due to seeing the site being used by a number of other Instagramers. In addition they had a awesome sale at Christmas time, so I thought I would give them a go. My first purchase was ok, although the shipping took such a long time (1.5months from memory). The item only just arrived before Christmas. Any later and I would have had to wait until next year to used the items as they were Christmas themed (although I found a use for the plate for my Easter nails). With this order I gave them the benefit of the doubt regarding the shipping as it was Christmas time.

In the interest of being transparent I have posted the chats with born pretty support at the bottom.

So now to my current purchase, made on 20 Feb. After about four days, my items had still not shipped (according to the site shipping is done within 24 hours). So I contacted the support team. After saying some items were out of stock (fair enough), the items had been shipped, however no tracking details were included, despite paying extra for the tracking details. Eventually I received the tracking number. When it reached the 3 week mark, I messaged again to ask where the items were. They replied with the following message:

“Very sorry for that, it is a peak season for shipping company…”

I couldn’t believe the poor excuse I was reading. Chinese New Year was over, its not Christmas and wasn’t near Easter. Finally after a number of messages back and forward (you can read the chats in the thumbnails below), I finally received my items on 6 April (6weeks, 3days later – the original estimate was 3 weeks) only to discover that items were missing.

Once again I message the support team. They had to ship the polishes separate and I now have to wait another 3 weeks. Luckly I received the items yesterday.

So after being lied to, mislead and the entire shipping process drawn out I won’t be purchasing born pretty products again despite their good products.

I know this post is a bit of a winge. But I felt I should share my personal experiences. 

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5 thoughts on “Why I won’t be purchasing from Born Pretty again

  1. ohsoprettypolish says:

    Oh no!
    It’s such a shame that you’ve had terrible service. That’s not good enough really from such a popular brand, and their replies are very confusing.
    It’s good to get the honesty from you though it helps us to think about who we order from!

    Liked by 1 person

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