Easy Doctor Who Nail Design (plus water decal review)

Doctor Who Nails


April is fast becoming one of my favorite times of year. Not because of the chocolate (although as I’m writing this I am drinking a Mocca ;P ) , but because of Doctor Who returning to the screen.

I have been thinking about creating a Doc Who nail design for a while but my free hand skills…well aren’t that great. So I ordered some water decals from RLR Creations (facebook). I also purchased Game of Thrones decals which I will use in July.

The recommendation on the decal instructions was to use light colours. After a disaster with a simular product when I ignored this instruction, I chose to listen to the advice.

I started with Revlon 410 Dreamer, hoping that this blue was light enough for the decals.


I then used the born pretty BP-L008 plate and stamped on the pattern located on the top left hand side, aiming to create a time warp style pattern. Whilst this plate is fantastic, be warned that the service from Born Pretty is something to be desired.

Doctor Who Nails

Now for the moment of truth! I cut the water decals out as close as possible. Once again I have ignored this advice in the past and ended up in an interesting situation of trying to get the decal to fit on my nail.

Once soaked and removed from the backing paper the decals were relatively easy to apply.  When using water decals ensure you wait for each one to dry and only apply one at a time.

I waited about 1/2 a day before applying the top coat, to ensure that I didn’t damage the stamping pattern.

I absolutely loved using RLR Creations water decals. They were really easy to apply and when I was a bit clumsy they maintained their shape and didn’t damage easily. I can’t wait to use the Game of Thrones decals in July!

Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails Doctor Who Nails




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