Easter Nails 2017 – #2

Happy Easter!!

This round (see my last design) I created a more obvious Easter design.

For this design I decided to challenge myself and attempt to use my dotting tools again. The first time I used them it didn’t go so well. I was also aiming to create my first character.

Using a basic OPI white for the base, I started with the chicken first, as this would be the nail that would most likely fail. I have seen this design quite a lot and have been keen to attempt it myself. My free hand art isn’t that great. So I used painting tape (masking tape) to cut out a broken egg shell pattern. This became my template to paint the chicken.

I then used the dotting tool for both the eyes and nose. I chose large white dots, in which I placed smaller black dots over the top. Just be careful with the placement of the black dots, otherwise you may end up with cross-eyed chickens. For the nose I made a rounded heart shape with a small dotting tool.


For my other nails I used the dotting tool to create yellow and purple polka dots so that it would look like Easter Eggs. Initially I was planning to use three colours but I feel if I went ahead with this plan the design would look over crowded.

I’m so glad I was able to get the dotting tool to work!! One thing I have learned is to not be afraid of putting too much polish on the tool. I wasn’t putting enough on in my first attempt of using the tool and thus failed miserably.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



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