How to move house without breaking your nail polish collection!

This was promoted by a question on one of my recent instagram posts! I’m in the process of moving (hense the quietness of my blog lately) and thought I would share my tips with you!

I hope the following tips help you with your move!
1. If you have a small collection or a lot of patience each polish could be bubble wrapped. They can then be placed in a smallish box.

2. As an alternative to #1 you can bundle a few polishes together and bubble wrap those. These should also be placed in a small box. 

3. If possible don’t put them in the moving truck rather place them in your car. 

4. Level them in the display case, place something on top (in my latest move I put the spare display case on top) and put them in a small box. If you use this method definitely place them in your car.


Just remember the bottles are generally fairly stong so be gentle but don’t stress to much!

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