How to use Water Nail Decals

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Whilst water decals are generally easy to use, I have a few tips and tricks to make them even eaiser to use.

I love using water decals as they can really add to a nail design with out requireing the ability to be a amazing painter!

I hope these tips help you with your nail art endevors!

  1. Pre-cut all of the decals
    There is nothing worse then getting your decal into position only to knock it out-of-place. Whats even worse is when you do this and don’t relise before the decal has dried (yes I have done this before). Head my warning and always pre-cut.
  2. Cut close to the design
    Unlike stickers, water decals should be cut as closly as posibile to the design. Once they have been placed in the water they are almost imposilble to adjust.
  3. Let them soak!
    Don’t rush this step. Trying to seperate the decals from the water too early is generally what damages them. Take your tim and don’t rush.
  4. When drying them on your nails be paitent.
    This generally doesn’t take too long. But moving them when they are semi dry will cause damage. Try your best to not move them too much.
  5. Don’t skimp on the top coat
    The top coat will help the decals to remain on your nails and also protect your fantastic design. I generally use at least two top coats on the first day and another top coat every second day or so depending on what I am doing during the week



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